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Communik-Asie offers very specialized services, always related to Chinese topics, but in much diversified areas.

Our most recent mission, in collaboration with Primacy (previously Continuum International), was to help relocate many employees of Alcan and their family to Ningxia, a remote province in the North-West part of China. Many Cross Cultural Trainings was given to different publics.

Event Management
In 2002, one of our mandates was to insure the coordination of a Cantonese Opera at Place des Arts. An exceptional event in Montreal that brought us back to a millennium tradition.

Filmed and Written Coverage
Other mandates include the conceptualization of the Macau Museum in Lisbon. This on-site research project in both locations is only one of the many projects that are often carried on for the French publications.

Documentaries and TV coverage have been filmed in Hong Kong, Macau as well as in many Chinese communities in Europe and North America. In recent years, many newspaper and magazine articles were published in Montreal and elsewhere.

Support to New Immigrants
We show great interest to the new immigrants that have chosen Quebec as their new home. A welcome program has been developed to help the new immigrants to integrate in Montreal.

Guide / Trip to China
Each year, Jules Nadeau bring groups of tourist to discover the five wonders of China
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